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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Money Making - Yew Logs

Cutting Yew Logs is recognized as one of the oldest and most common ways for free players to make money. Cutting yew logs can earn you about 80k gp per hour with a decent Woodcutting level. money making rates may range from 40K to 120K gp depending on woodcutting levels and tree re-spawn times.

To start making money cutting Yew Logs you need 60 Woodcutting. The higher your woodcutting is the faster you will get logs. Cutting yew trees is slow, but the logs are worth a massive 500 gp each compared to other free player logs. You should be using no worse than a Rune Hatchet to cut down Yew Trees. They can be bought on the Grand Exchange for around 8K gp.

Yew trees are rare to find in bunches, but there are groups of them south of Falador, behind Varrock Castle, and in between Lumbridge and Draynor. There are no Yew trees in the game that are very close to a bank, so be prepared to do some running.

After cutting and banking all the logs, you can sell them on the Grand Exchange and collect your money and profits.

Happy Money Making

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