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About the Author

Note: I write all my articles when I think of them. I release what I have, and I improve on my writing when I feel like it. You may wish to check articles at a later date if they seem incomplete.

Hello to all of you potential money makers out there. My Runescape name is Iyvn, and I am happy to meet you. The purpose of this Blog is to provide simple yet effective information about the various money making methods in Runescape. It is here that I share my tips and experiences on Runescape.

Runescape is a game where you either love or hate it. There is no middle ground between these two feelings. In Runescape you get to play with the other people who also love online RPGs. Runescape gives you a huge potential to socialize and meet new friends, some who will become close friends indeed.

I have been playing runescape from 2005 when I was a beginning noob until late 2010, where I quit from boredom. I'm not saying Runescape is a boring game, rather it is engaging and fun. My problem is that I played for long hours and by 2010 I had done everything there was to do in Runescape. You guys still have a lot of exploring to do, and a lot of fun to have with friends and team mates.

In my career of Runescape I have achieved 99's, money goal milestones, complex quests, etc. You can search Iyvn on the high scores if you wish, but i never played competitively enough to max out my stats. I was more of a 'go with the flow' player, where I would do what I felt like instead of grinding level after level.

Anyways, I have experience and knowledge about Runescape, and the best advice i can give for a new player is to read the manual. I know its long. I know its boring, but it gives you an advantage over the players that don't know the game so you can level faster than them. We all want to be better than our peers, right? :)

The Runescape community was great to me, and through this website I will try and give back all the knowledge and fun times it taught me. And so begins my Tips and Tricks to Make Money, intended for the beginner all the way to the professional.

Happy Money Making.

 These are the stats when Iyvn was 1 Year old (made 22nd August 2009)

	Playing time (hours): 3,206

= 36.57387447502148% of Year.

= 61,831.75795383656 (61.8k) / Hour Average

2,277/2,496  Total      8,638 Rank       198,232,616 Experience

		      Personal Highscores for Iyvn

	Skills 		Rank 		Level 		XP

	Overall 	8,638 		2,277 		198,232,616

	Attack 		90,931 		99 		13,184,656

	Defence 	97,458 		95 		9,109,032

	Strength 	50,648 		99 		15,716,564

	Constitution 	125,150 	96 		10,394,753

	Ranged 		86,192 		95 		9,017,272

	Prayer 		51,185 		83 		2,944,717

	Magic 		129,896 	93 		7,642,913

	Cooking 	3,018 		99 		19,662,879

	Woodcutting 	6,417 		99 		18,166,931

	Fletching 	286,460 	83 		2,807,346

	Fishing 	70,159 		91 		6,110,897

	Firemaking 	18,661 		99 		13,253,210

	Crafting 	40,954 		83 		2,681,383

	Smithing 	44,169 		81 		2,244,290

	Mining 		23,254 		90 		5,493,818

	Herblore 	16,741 		92 		6,673,613

	Agility 	13,058 		90 		5,500,381

	Thieving 	14,792 		99 		13,052,972

	Slayer 		68,113 		85 		3,469,181

	Farming 	49,954 		78 		1,640,894

	Runecrafting 	5,479 		96 		10,204,474

	Hunter	 	25,945 		93 		7,199,141

	Construction 	18,419 		81 		2,206,818

	Summoning 	37,920 		88 		4,398,735

	Dungeoneering 	1,984 		90 		5,455,746