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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Money Making - Normal Logs

Chopping down the common trees for logs is a great way to make money on an account that has just started. This is a good starting way to make money for your pures, or accounts that don't have the stats for better methods yet. Chopping normal trees will give you 10K to 48K gold pieces an hour, depending on what type of axe you have and your woodcutting level.

Normal trees are great for beginners because they only need 1 Woodcutting to chop down. You can cut down normal trees in an instant if you have 41 woodcutting and a Rune Hatchet.Try to use the best hatchet you can when chopping down trees. The better the hatchet, the faster you cut the tree.

Normal trees are the most common trees in Runescape and are everywhere. You could cut them from any bank that has trees near them. My favorite spot is the trees in the Grand Exchange. There are 28 of them around the walls of the Exchange, so you can do 1 rotation per inventory of logs. If your computer can't handle the lag of the Grand Exchange, you could always try the tree forest southwest of the Varrock west bank, behind the Oak Trees.

When you have chopped all the trees and gotten all the logs you desire, you can sell then at the Grand Exchange for a profit. IF you were cutting logs in the Grand Exchange, then it's not a far trip.

Happy Money Making

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