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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Money Making - Iron Ore

Mining Iron ore is a good source of Mining experience and is notable for it's money making potential. At the fastest rate, you can expect to gain 70K - 100K depending on the distance from the bank and re-spawn time.

Mining Iron needs 15 mining, but to achieve the full speed you need a Rune pickaxe and 41 mining. Use the best pickaxe you can.

The best places for mining Iron are Al Kharid and the southeast Varrock Mine, both having at least 3 rocks next to each other. Southeast Varrock is the best place to go for mining, though it is often crowded. For this reason, I suggest the Al Kharid mines. There is a long walking distance but there is also a resting point in between the mine and the bank. Take advantage of it.

Note: If you are under 28 combat the scorpions will be aggressive. IF you are under 28 combat, you should make money in the southeast Varrock mines instead. Try to find a small world.

Mine all the Iron you can, then sell it at the Grand Exchange for profits. I do not suggest smelting the Iron ore because of the 50% fail rate.

Happy Money Making

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