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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So the Runescape bonus exp session is coming real soon. As always, there is a small percentage of players whining about the extra experience and how this will bring about the destruction of Runescape. I would not be worried though, because this happens during every weekend! Keep stocking up on those items, and wisely use them on the night. It will be at least 6 months till the next one, so take advantage of the weekend while you can.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Effective Runescape Playing

If you wish to play competitively on Runescape, and aim for a decent spot in the high scores and are just starting out, your probably too late. It would probably take 5-10 years to overtake the best players, unless your lucky and they choose to quit. Aiming for top player from lvl 3 now would be pointless, but if you still wish to try, by all means go ahead.

Aside from these people, these tips will help you skill faster than your peers, gain levels in the least amount of time, and generally waste less time.

Firstly, you should never waste time. Talking to friends is okay, helping them do a quest like sheep shearer is not. It's probably best not to hold their hand through the beginnings of Runescape, as it is better for them to find out themselves. Written advice is effect, going over there and helping is not. You should not leave your training spot if you can avoid it.

Increase your Runescape hours. If you have chores to do at home, or perhaps homework, get it done - and fast. Doing homework in front of the TV will distract you and deduct from your Runescape time. We all hate homework, and we all hate chores, but set your mind to finishing it and you won't waste time being distracted by other things.

Know how much your time is worth to you: If you can get 500k/hour then it's more effective for you to buy the lobsters to cook then to fish them for yourself. Some methods are more fun than others, but you must take the fastest way. If you continue to take the ineffective methods for training you will fall behind your true potential.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Money - Tanning Cowhides

Tanning Cowhides can get you 150k per hour, and that's by walking. If you run on your trips you are sure to get more, possibly topping 200K per hour. This money making method needs no skills, but you will need money to by the cowhides in the first place.

For free players, Tanning Cowhides is a great way to make money in comparison to the other methods available. Unlike members, free players only have limited options and limited money making potential. 200K per hour is a great rate, roughly 1 full Rune armor set per hour.

You can tan cowhides at the tanner in Al Kharid. A trip to the tanner and back to the bank takes about 45 seconds if you are walking, and about 28 seconds when running. You need to bring a money stack with you when performing the runs because tanning costs 1 gp for soft leather, and 3 gp for hard leather.

Leave your heavy items at the bank, the lighter you are the longer you can run for. Leather is slightly lighter than cowhides, so it is advantageous to get in the habit of running only on the return trip, and walking on the way to the tanner.

When you run out of cowhides to tan, sell your leather at the Grand Exchange and buy more cowhides. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Note, Tanning is a fast way to make money, but you do not get any experience running cowhides. If your looking for experience while you make money, consider a different method.

Happy Money Making

Money Making - Killing Cows

Killing cows is a great way to make money in Runescape, because they are fast and easy to kill, as well as dropping 500gp a kill (bones, raw beef, cowhide). Don't make the mistake of only picking up the cowhides, you'll make more money by picking up everything. You can make in the 80K -90K range with no skill levels if you are fast.

To kill cows fast it is advisable to use the best weapons you have. There is no level requirement to kill a cow, but to kill cows fast having at least 20-30 strength or range will keep the kills fast. Cows have only a small amount of hit points, so you should be able to 1 to 2 hit them.

The best place to kill cows is at Lumbridge. They are a 30 second run away from the castle. You can bank at the Castle, on the third floor. If you can use the Lumbridge teleport spell you can make the runs slightly faster, as well as gaining some magic experience.

The cow fields may be crowded at times so it is advised to world hop until you find a good world. Sometimes people only pick up the bones or only pick up the cowhides. Don't be afraid to pick up the other two items. It will speed up your trips even more.

If you have a low defense and are damaged while fighting cows, make sure you buy some trout beforehand at the grand exchange and heal yourself when necessary. Rangers can hide behind obstacles to avoid damage. Wearing metal armor is a bad idea because of the weight.

After killing Cows and collecting to your heart's content, sell your gains in the Grand Exchange to get your money.

Happy Money Making

Money Making Mistakes - Coal Ore

Many players think that mining Coal Ore is a good source of money, but in all examples this is false. Mining Coal is bad because there are faster ways to make money and experience within the same skill. The better way is to make money with Iron Ore.

Coal takes a long time to mine and is only worth about 25-30% more than Iron. By mining Iron you will make more money and experience. Skip coal altogether. You will make a maximum 50K per hour with Iron being around 90K.

For those that still wish to mine coal for smelting or some other purpose the best place is the level 60 mine under Falador. Those with only 30 mining would use the barbarian mining spot, though this has far less coal rocks.

If you need Coal ore though, it would be better to mine the Iron, sell the Iron and then buy the Coal. You will end up with more coal per hour this way, but the choice is up to you.

Happy Money Making

Money Making - Iron Ore

Mining Iron ore is a good source of Mining experience and is notable for it's money making potential. At the fastest rate, you can expect to gain 70K - 100K depending on the distance from the bank and re-spawn time.

Mining Iron needs 15 mining, but to achieve the full speed you need a Rune pickaxe and 41 mining. Use the best pickaxe you can.

The best places for mining Iron are Al Kharid and the southeast Varrock Mine, both having at least 3 rocks next to each other. Southeast Varrock is the best place to go for mining, though it is often crowded. For this reason, I suggest the Al Kharid mines. There is a long walking distance but there is also a resting point in between the mine and the bank. Take advantage of it.

Note: If you are under 28 combat the scorpions will be aggressive. IF you are under 28 combat, you should make money in the southeast Varrock mines instead. Try to find a small world.

Mine all the Iron you can, then sell it at the Grand Exchange for profits. I do not suggest smelting the Iron ore because of the 50% fail rate.

Happy Money Making