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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Money Making - Oak Logs

You can make money at a rate of anywhere between 50k-100k by cutting and banking Oak Logs. Oak logs sell at about 80 gp each. At the fastest rate you can cut a bundle of Oak Logs every 2 seconds, and the tree re-spawns fast.

Oak Logs need 15 Woodcutting minimum to chop down. If you want to cut at the fastest rate possible you need to have 41 woodcutting and a Rune Hatchet. Rune Hatchets can be bought of the grand exchange for about 8K.

Oak trees can be found all over Runescape, but the best ones are in Draynor. Directly south of the Bank is an oak tree, and there is a different spawn less than 10 squares away. The closer the Oak Tree is to the bank the better.

Another popular place is southwest of the Varrock west bank. There are three trees there all close to each other and close to the bank. These are the two best options. Other oak trees are too far away from the bank to be useful.

After cutting all the logs you want you can sell them back to the Grand Exchange for Profit.

Happy Money Making

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