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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Money - Tanning Cowhides

Tanning Cowhides can get you 150k per hour, and that's by walking. If you run on your trips you are sure to get more, possibly topping 200K per hour. This money making method needs no skills, but you will need money to by the cowhides in the first place.

For free players, Tanning Cowhides is a great way to make money in comparison to the other methods available. Unlike members, free players only have limited options and limited money making potential. 200K per hour is a great rate, roughly 1 full Rune armor set per hour.

You can tan cowhides at the tanner in Al Kharid. A trip to the tanner and back to the bank takes about 45 seconds if you are walking, and about 28 seconds when running. You need to bring a money stack with you when performing the runs because tanning costs 1 gp for soft leather, and 3 gp for hard leather.

Leave your heavy items at the bank, the lighter you are the longer you can run for. Leather is slightly lighter than cowhides, so it is advantageous to get in the habit of running only on the return trip, and walking on the way to the tanner.

When you run out of cowhides to tan, sell your leather at the Grand Exchange and buy more cowhides. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Note, Tanning is a fast way to make money, but you do not get any experience running cowhides. If your looking for experience while you make money, consider a different method.

Happy Money Making

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